Gigi Hadid Tells You What She Would Do In Extremely Specific Scenarios

for british vogue

Have you ever wondered to yourself, What would Gigi Hadid doWhether or not you have, Hadid herself is giving you the answer—or at least the answers to ten very specific scenarios in a video for British Vogue. What should you do when your ex is sitting next to you on a six-hour plane ride? Well, she doesn't technically give an answer to that, but it's suggested that you should mimic their immature reactions in as absurd a voice as you can muster. What should you do if your date is 30 minutes late to dinner? Eat your damn food alone and leave a note telling them they just missed the best thing that they almost had. If a photographer's taking a photo of your younger sister undressing? You threaten them and make them feel worthless and ashamed. If someone's being mean to you on social media? Ignore them and ask them what went wrong that they feel the need to knock someone else down.

It's all incredibly charming and funny. Oh, and Bella, give Gigi her belt back. Please?