Photo Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


Gigi Hadid’s Red Hair Streaks Are A Sight To Behold

This girl is on fire!

While Vogue was kind enough to give us an official sneak peek at their special all-Kendall Jenner edition today, it was model Lily Aldridge who gave us an unofficial look at what’s in the standard April issue via her Instagram account. Throwing up a few shots from her Jenner-free shoot with the legendary Patrick Demarchelier, Aldridge gave us a very special look at a very special hairstyle being rocked by a very special model.

Yep, that’s your favorite, Ms. Gigi Hadid, looking wild with fiery red streaks in her hair right along Aldridge’s blue ones. Courtesy of hair stylist Duffy, the shots of color might not be permanent, but they sure are electric. Aldridge provided a second look at the shoot, animated with the help of the Graphics Interchange Format.

Just for fun, Hadid shared a similar snap on her account—although it featured far less color. Check it out.

As said, the streaks were temporary (if they weren’t just colorful extensions), which sort of demonstrates one of the many benefits of being a model. The ability to cycle through and experiment with extreme look after extreme look, is something to envy, indeed.