These Guys Watch Footage Of Girlfriends Getting Catcalled

spoiler alert: they get angry

by jenny lee

It's one thing to hear about someone getting harrassed. It's another thing entirely if that person is a loved one. This was certainly the case in Cosmopolitan's video of guys reacting to their girlfriends getting catcalled on the street.

The video shows three couples who sit together while they watch footage of the girlfriends walking through city streets, constantly getting catcalled and harrassed with disgusting language. As soon as the boyfriends realize how often their girlfriends suffer from unwanted attention and comments, they begin to get angry. "I'm getting pissed off," one guy says. Another guy gets so worked up that he ends up blurting out, "That's disgusting man. Just get back to your job!"

Following the footage, one of the boyfriends says, "I'm glad that people are making it an issue and not standing for it anymore."

It's an important look at how women getting catcalled is a very real thing, and it becomes more visible when a loved one is a victim of it. "You're somebody's daughter, somebody's sister," one of the boyfriends points out. It's a valid point and perhaps a way of reaching men a little more easily when it comes to raising awareness on the issue, but hopefully, we start moving to a place where the woman doesn't need an association with a man for him to feel angry about the harrassment.