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    bonding time, anyone?

    by · February 18, 2014
    We love Girls! You love Girls! So for the entire third season we’ll be doing weekly recaps. Check back in to get our editors’ takes on what went down, plus an exclusive illustration from Girls Illustrated artist Nina Cosford. (And, of course, spoiler alert! Catch up on last week’s episodes here.)
    We can always count on Girls to make us feel some major feelings, but last week’s episode got heavy--fast. From Hannah’s unexpected run-in with Elijah to Shosh’s bitter blowup, “Beach House” was all about airing some much-needed issues. But while it could easily sway on the side of depressing, the episode had more than enough laugh-out-loud one-liners to make it not quite so sad. See Nina Cosford’s exclusive illustration in the gallery, then click through for our favorite moments. Oh, and after that? Feel free to teach yourself that amazing dance that everyone performed, because it’s Wednesday--er, Tuesday--night and we’re all feeling alive.
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