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    by · March 21, 2014
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock since January--or actively avoiding Twitter, Facebook, and, ahem, our NYLON recaps--then you know that this Sunday marks the season three finale of Girls. All winter long we’ve been watching as Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, Shosh, and everyone else work through their issues (well, sort of), peppered with plenty of cringeworthy moments along the way. While the awkward hookups and blowout fights are always worth discussing, today we’re switching gears and talking about the hair. Between the wig, and the crazy curls, buns, and braids, there is a lot to talk about. So we quizzed the show’s lead hairstylist Sherry Heart on some of our favorite ‘dos and what we can expect from season four. See our interview below, then click through the gallery for the best Girls’ hair looks!
    The girls are going through major changes in the beginning of season three. (Hannah working at GQ, Jessa in rehab, etc...). What was the background thinking that went into the hair looks?
    We went into season reflecting upon what and who the girls were trying to be.Hannah is consumed with her writing and does not have time for her hair. Last season, she cut her hair off in the last episode as a kind of OCD fallout. I think this season she realizes that short hair suits her better and she really doesn’t have time for hair that requires more upkeep. Marnie has taken to wearing her hair long and often looks more polished than the other girls as part of her effort to appear as if her life is well ordered when, in fact, it’s quit the opposite. Jessa is a free spirit and uses her hair as part of her extroverted personality and sensuality. Shoshanna has always considered her hair an interpretation of what is happening in the world of contemporary fashion.
    What about the hair in the premiere episode?
    When we began the season, Lena asked me to leave Jemima’s hair down and wavy. The character, Jessa, was working through some issues at rehab and her hair reflected the unkempt state of her inner life. We started the season on a simple note, with hair left down and appearing untouched. Then, as the drama builds through the season, we build the hair to both reflect and emphasize the characters’ personalities and the situations in which they find themselves.
    When Gaby Hoffman’s character arrives, things get into a disarray. What’s the story behind her messy bun?
    Gaby came to us with her own ideas about what her hair should look like. I worked with her thoughts and I had a few of my own ideas. We wanted to pile it up on top of her head because she has so much hair and it was hot outside when her character was on the show. We came up with a twisty-squiggly hairdo that I now look at and think it complimented her character’s craziness very well.
    The hair at Hannah’s birthday party somehow all represented the characters’ different personalities. How did you do that?
    The most fun I had doing hair for season 3 was Episode 3 “She said OK.” It’s Hannah’s birthday party and they all “festive party hair.” The hairdos were just flowing out of me that day. I established everyone for the birthday party scene and I made everyone look like she was going to an artsy party in Williamsburg. What about the beach house episode?
    I gave Marnie beachy-waves that were a request from Lena. We decided that Shoshanna should have the “Heidi” braids for a “no-fuss” weekend. For Jessa, I put her hair on top of her head with a Scunci Knotted Ponytailer (I love that it doesn’t tear her hair when I pull it out) and twisted it around to create a topknot. For Hannah, I did a high ponytail on the side (for comic relief) that is suddenly revealed when removes her hat.
    Season three featured some amazing headwear on the characters--wigs, bandanas, hats....why did you guys decide to do this?
    I loved all the head gear the girls wore this season. Usually, all the additional hats and scarves come from our wardrobe department. We create the hair to work with whatever else is going on with the top of a character’s head.
    What’s behind the choice of all of Shoshanna’s braids? Did you look to the runway trends at all for this one?
    Shoshanna is definitely the quirky one of the four. She is animated in speech as well as in clothes and we try to do her hair to compliment her style. I think she comes across as a very original girl who doesn’t have to try to be original. I consider Shoshanna to be very fashion forward and I envision her as the type of person who creates her own hairdos at home.
    What can you tell us about the hair for next season?
    We have not started season four yet. In the meantime, I’m working up some ideas for all the girls and I intend to keep the fun hair coming-- always expect the unexpected.If you want more hair deets, join the Twitter chat with Heart (@sherryheart) and Scunci (@scuncihair) during Sunday’s premiere!
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