The ‘GIRLS’ Season Four Trailer is Here

and it’s getting intense.

Our favorite girls have been left hanging for a while—Jessa as the accessory in an assisted suicide attempt, Shoshana as an unlikely NYU failure, Marnie as an other-woman and a musician hopeful, and Hannah as a girl who's always been set on making it in the Big Apple but receives a prestigious opportunity to escape. We may have been holding our breath since the dramatic season finale last spring, but now that GIRLS season four is just around the corner (set to premiere on January 11) we can rest easy knowing questions will be answered. As the trailer for the upcoming season shows us, things may not be entirely peachy for these 20-somethings, but we are most definitely in for a wild ride, as per usual.

While last season showed Jessa, Shoshana, Marnie, and Hannah, all still floundering in their post-undergrad lives, this seasons promises a bit of change, as each attempts to move on in some way. Hannah finds herself at the esteemed Iowa Writers' Workshop. Shoshana comes face-to-face with her (not-so-nice) parents as she struggles to get a job. Marnie moves from Brooklyn to Manhattan as she attempts to launch her music career with Desi—who continues dating his girlfriend, Clementine. And Jessa...well, she still remains a bit of a mystery. This season will also show us just where Elijah, Adam, and Ray choose to go, and will feature a host of guest stars, including Gillian Jacobs, Jake Lacy, Marc Maron, and Ana Gasteyer.

The girls may be growing up and making smarter decisions, but the world isn't getting any kinder. Watch the trailer for season four below to see just how each one is handling the slow but necessary transition into adulthood, and tune into HBO on January 11 for the season premiere.