our season two predictions for almost getting it kind of together.

by rebecca willa davis

This Sunday, Girls returns for its second season. It would be an understatement to say that we're pretty excited. Not only because we love the show, but also because we've been thinking about it for a while now--at the end of season one, we were left with Hannah sitting on the Coney Island beach, eating leftover cake from Jessa's surprise wedding. So much thinking that we decided to put our predictions down on paper (well, Internet paper). Read on to see what we think is going to happen in the second season of Girls.

Hannah And Adam Will Get Back Together—Eventually

We don't think it's going to happen immediately--and when it does happen, it's probably some one-off hook-up--but these two are not over. Not even close.

Jessa Is Either Getting Divorced Or Having A Baby

When season one ended with Jessa getting married to creepy-slash-awkward Thomas-John, we knew that this could only go one of two ways: complete domesticity or complete insanity.

Shoshanna And Ray Are Going To Be The Cutest Couple Ever

There's nothing more to add to that statement, other than somehow their weirdness works together.

Shoshanna Is Finally Ditching The Pink Juicy Sweatsuit

We love you Shosh, but good riddance!

Season Two Could Be Dubbed 'Marnie Gone Wild'

That "J.Lo at the Grammys" moment Marnie had at the end of season one? That was only the beginning.

Also: Marnie And Charlie Aren't Over Either

Remember that scene at Jessa's wedding where he was joking about them having sex in the bathroom? Yeah, he wasn't joking--and eventually, after Marnie goes wild, she's going to end up being the bad girl with Charlie.

Elijah Is Actually Going To Be A Decent Roommate

Even though he gave Hannah HPV, this is a roomie situation that we think will work out.

Hannah's Parents Are Still Not Going To Give Her Money

Because that would basically signal the end of the series. And we don't want that.

Girls airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. Click here for more info.