Girls Premiere

watch a new wes anderson clip, plus snapchat the cast of girls!

by liza darwin

Even though we still have two more months until The Grand Budapest Hotel finally hits theaters, at least Wes Anderson is making the wait a bit easier on us. The writer, director and producer has just dropped a new teaser clip from his forthcoming ensemble flick, in which the hotel's concierge (Ralph Fiennes) and the lobby boy (Tony Revolorl) are questioned by the police (Edward Norton). The whole "whodunnit?!" vibe of the clip makes us think that the movie just might have some oldschool Clue game vibes...which definitely isn't a bad thing at all. (Yahoo!)

File this under "totally awesome": David Lynch is shooting new Twin Peaks footage! 2014 marks the epic series' 25 anniversary, and Lynch is putting together a special-edition Blu-Ray set that will feature this modern-day footage. Get the details--and see how you can get involved--here. (Oyster)

Ever wonder where Luna Lovegood disappeared to post-Harry Potter? Turns out British actress Evanna Lynch will play a troubled mother in the new indie movie Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale. "I have to play a mother, which is weird, and wife to a drug dealer," she said. "It is a small indie movie called Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale and hopefully it will premiere in the summer." A far cry from Luna, that's for sure. (Herald)

We already know that Girls season three finally (!) debuts this Sunday...but the cast of the HBO series is actually celebrating the show's premiere tonight. Along with your normal red carpet photos, the cast will be posting pics on Snapchat throughout the evening, and you better bet it's going to get crazy. So we suggest going ahead and adding Girlshbo on Snapchat right now. Is it just us, or do Snapchat and Hannah Hovarth seem like a match made in heaven? (GirlsHBO Twitter)

OK, so if her silver-haired album art isn't enough to convince you of St. Vincent's coolness, then just listening to her latest single "Digital Witness" should work. Annie Clark is gearing up to release her new self-titled next month, and this head-bobbing track is just what we need to tide us over until then. Hey, Clark definitely agrees....she's bobbing her curls (barely!) in the video below. (Pitchfork)