Glastonbury 2014

from lana to haim, the music festival’s greatest moments.

by liza darwin

This weekend's Glastonbury music festival went by in a blink of an eye, literally a whirlwind of awesome performances and eye-popping costumes. Oh, and whole lot of mud. 

But it's not over til it's really over--and we're still on a concert high--so we're reliving all of the best moments from the massive fest right here.

From Este Haim's bass face to Lana Del Rey silencing everyone with her quiet power, check out the performances, people, and outfits we still can't get out of heads. Then, start saving up for next year....

@daisylowe instagram

Cutest BFFs: Daisy Lowe and Sam Smith

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Most metal moment: Alexa Chung

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Most color-coordinated: Lily Allen

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Runner-up for most color-coordinated: Dolly Parton

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Most inappropriate outfit for a weekend in the mud: Alana Haim

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Best break from the music: Vivienne Westwood (who spoke about environmental issues)

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Most meme-worthy face: Este Haim

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Most quintessential Glasto moment: Skrillex

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Coolest ride: Rita Ora

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Most jealousy-inducing photo: Ireland Baldwin and Lana Del Rey


Most awe-inspiring photo: Ellie Goulding