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mischa barton makes lipstick!

by faran krentcil

We love Mischa Barton. Always have, always will. We know her first name means "Michael" in Russian, we know she was a Broadway star before she became a TV starlet - we even know she used to cut up her Keds and turn them into espadrille wedges for the beach.

But somehow, the fact that the London-born actress now designs makeup completely escaped us. Yet here it is - blush, lotion, lipstick, eye shadow, and lip gloss - all waiting on her eCommerce website, Mischa's Place. (There's also a collection of clothes created by the 26-year-old actress.) Click here to check them all out - we suspect Marissa Cooper would particularly like the $15 tube of "Shocking Strawberry."

Mischa Barton makeup, available now on Mischa's Place.