Get Excited: Glossier Is Going International


Mega-cult beauty brand Glossier launched Stateside in 2014, leaving many international beauty junkies eagerly waiting to get their hands on the Instagram-famous products overseas. Today it was announced that the company is looking to slowly but surely cross borders.

If your zip code is outside of the U.S., you know that this news is a long time coming. The Glossier team dedicated a whole post to the topic nearly two years ago. In it, they explain that expanding is harder than those not privy to the semantics might think. For one, you have to find a company that aligns with your needs; depending on where the brand launches, new packaging needs to be made in different languages; and the time difference would mean delayed responses from customer service reps. “Shipping internationally requires a lot of moving parts, and we want to make sure we get all of those parts right before we jump in feet first,” the brand wrote back then. Welp, that time has come.

According to the announcement, the brand’s new launches will start rolling out later this month. First in Canada, then the U.K., and finally France in 2018. It’s implied that more countries will be added to the list over time, but, the site notes, commendably: “As a cruelty-free brand, we won’t be able to ship anywhere that requires product testing on animals. That’s just part of our philosophy.” Can’t really complain about that.