bobbi brown’s new neon gloss is for the shy but trendy.

by faran krentcil

When we saw the day-glo colors in Bobbi Brown's new neon and nudes collection, we flipped. Fluorescent gloss is hard to find, even though it's the perfect thing to apply (over and over again) during a night on the dance floor.

But although the lipsticks in the range are indeed bright and bold, the gloss is a different story - it gives just a touch of the brightness, but nothing bright enough for a David Bowie look.

That's not ideal if you want a lip gloss to give you a nuclear-colored pout, but it's great if you want to test out the neon makeup trend without fully embracing the Jem and the Holograms vibe that sometimes goes with it.  We're especially smitten with the hot pink variety, which adds a sexy, fresh flush to the face.  (And if you want all-neon-all-the-time, you can use the lip gloss with a strong neon eye color instead!)

Bobbi Brown sheer neon lip gloss, $23 online

Faran in the Violet Pink gloss