the ultimate shine control comes from an angel.

by faran krentcil

We're never sure what to make of Victoria's Secret Beauty - after all, what good is a boudoir makeover when really, by the time you get a guy into your bedroom, you've already gotten your money's worth from lipstick and mascara?

But their new eyeshadow gel is something of a miracle, and we're happy to wear it outside, inside, or basically wherever we can. Called "PRO Lasting FX Eye Shadow Primer" it makes up for its cumbersome name with how it works: Dab a tiny bit on your finger, smear it across your lid, and that's it.  You've got an opaque veil of subtle lilac shimmer on your eyes, in like two seconds.

Use it by itself for a fairy-princess kind of shimmer, or over a bolder eyeshadow color to give it some kick.  And if you're gentle, you can even use it as a cheekbone highlight for some otherworldly glow.

$8 at Victoria's Secret