go big

testing maybelline’s newest mascara.

by faran krentcil

How many mascaras can Maybelline make? The beauty universe is still counting. There's the trademark Great Lash mascara that everyone has, and an impossible-to-budge waterproof version, plus last year's Falsies mascara that simulates fake lashes. Now here's one more: Mega Plush by Volum' Express. The difference, claims Maybelline, is in the formula. With 40% less wax than any other drugstore mascara on the market, this tube is formulated more like a mousse than a paint, which is good news for your face in the hot summer months, when even a smudge of moisturizer can feel like a layer of Polar Fleece. (Yes, you still need to wear moisturizer in the summer - especially since the right ones are loaded with essential sunscreen.) If you're looking for an Edie Sedgwick clump of lashes, this mascara is too light for you. But if you want a natural pop of sexy summer lashes, we would definitely recommend investing the $7 at CVS to try this new stuff out, especially if you're planning on a light but effective makeup routine for outdoor concerts or beach days.

Maybelline Mega Plush by Volum' Express mascara, $6.30 at Target.