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    i am a golden god!

    by · December 23, 2013
    Telling you that you should consider incorporating a little more gold into your beauty routine is like reminding you to moisturize in winter; it’s kind of a no-brainer. But while you’ve likely got a gold shadow, maybe a liner or a mascara, plus some body powder (or hey, even a bit of glitter for your hair), we’d bet you don’t have a gold lipstick or lip gloss in your collection. And it’s time to change that.Why? For one thing, it’s so much more than that very ’90s version we’ve been conditioned to think of when we hear “gold” and “lips” in the same sentence (ie Jessica Alba in Honey). There’s also the surprise factor--yes, red is great but it’s also a bit expected these days. And maybe most importantly, it does what makeup should do--that is, make you feel shiny, sparkly, and special--as good, if not better, as anything out there. (Related: There are lots of reasons you should feel shiny, sparkly, and special that go well beyond makeup. But then, you already knew that.)The key isn’t deciding you’re going to give the gold lip a go--because hopefully you’re game--but rather, figuring out which product works best for you. That’s where we come in: Our editors tested 15 different tubes and came up with our ultimate list of picks. Flip through the gallery to see their favorites, along with a description of each. Then replay that “I am a golden god!” scene from Almost Famous, because you totally are.
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