golden eye

never lose your sunglasses again… because they’re solid gold.

by liza darwin

Like pens and lip gloss, sunglasses always seem to vanish into the massive black hole that is our purse.

Luckily, Linda Farrow's new line of shades is guaranteed to solve this problem. After recent collaborations with forward-thinking designers like Dries van Noten, Luella, and Christopher Kane, Farrow's latest collection looks to the past for inspiration.

Linda Farrow Vintage / Luxe takes cues from the sharp lines of 70s and 80s style with an opulent twist.  Each pair is made of 24 karat gold-plated titanium and comes in a jewelry-box style case, so these glasses are guaranteed to make a serious statement.

And, since the Vintage/Luxe edition styles run about $500 each, we've got a whole new incentive to keep this set of specs under close watch.

Or you could do $25 glasses...