discuss: precious metal in your manicure.

by ali hoffman

In the jewelry world, 18-karat gold is arguably the best. (24k boasts more precious metal, but it tends to be too delicate for everyday wear, and often ends up damaged or stained.) But take one look around Net-a-porter and you'll learn the unfortunate truth: 18k gold doesn't come cheap. Enter Sephora by OPI's new "It's Real" 18k Gold Top Coat, which boasts hundreds of authentic gold flakes strewn throughout a clear base. When painted atop any highly saturated polish, the top coat adds a subtle flash of gold, as if you've literally sprinkled flakes of buttery gold on your manicure. Paired with a sparkly ring or gold bangles, the result is perfectly feminine, without looking bedazzled or cheap. And even though it costs about 3x as much as a standard OPI top coat, it's way more affordable than everything else on our 18k wish-list..

Sephora x OPI 18k nail polish, $30