goldroom begins its summer 2014 tour

Taking the success of the Embrace EP on the road…

by Christian Lavery

It's a sunny 73 degrees on this Friday the 13th in Southern California and even though Summer doesn't officially kick off for another week, Los Angeles based Goldroom is currently on his way to Colombia for the start of their Summer mini 2014 tour. The last time we spoke to frontman Josh Legg was August of last year to celebrate the release of their Embrace EP. Since then, "Embrace" alone attracted over a million plays on Soundcloud and has established Goldroom as a household name in the world of electronic music. Goldroom's sun-kissed disco sensibilities might be just what you need this Summer. With tour stops for both live shows and DJ sets in Boston, New York, and LA this is a live show you won't want to miss.

We asked Josh about his new live act, his favorite Goldroom remix and his favorite place to entertain. Dig in below to find out where you can catch him this month, and whether it's NY or LA.

It has been almost a year since we last spoke to you and a lot has changed. You're getting ready to embark on a summer tour which kicks off today in Colombia. What are you most excited for this time around?Building our new live show has really taken up a ton of energy and emotion over the last handful of months. We finally got to debut it in LA and San Francisco at the end of May. Honestly, I'm just really excited to bring the show to the east coast and show everyone what I've been working on!

In what ways has your live act changed since your last tour. What is different about it?Well, we've added a bassist named Mike, who also plays keys and has an angelic voice. Its opened up so many live possibilities. It's really great to be able to bust out three part harmonies at a "dance music" show. I care a lot about melody and harmony and musicality, so adding another member who is so talented has made playing so much more fun. We're also really lucky to have Chela on board as our singer/keyboardist for this tour. She and I are musical soulmates of sorts, so having her to sing with every night has been incredible.

I'm sure you are very proud of all the Goldroom remixes you've nailed including MØ, MS MR, Architecture in Helsinki. Do you have a favorite one to date?Actually I'm quite proud of the remix I did for Wunder Wunder, which might have been one of the ones with the least plays in the last year. I just really achieved what I set out to do, which rarely happens for me.

What are a few tracks on your radar that you'll have on repeat this summer? Any artists we should check out?I've been listening to a lot of old music lately to be honest, although I've been pretty enamored with Wave Racer's production, as well as EMBRZ. I suspect we'll be hearing a lot more from them very soon.

You must have a favorite place to play live and a favorite place to spin. Where are they and what makes them stand special?The Troubadour, here in LA, is definitely a special room for me. I've seen my heroes play there, and getting to stand on that stage was really incredible. I think it would be hard to top that. When I'm DJing, the crowd matters so much, so the venue itself doesnt matter so much. Give me a room full of people and I'll be happy.

The response you got from the Embrace EP was phenomenal. What's in the pipeline as far as new music for you?I'm very close to finally finishing an album! I have a playlist in my itunes with about 30 new songs that I feel pretty good about, and I'm in the final stages of cutting things down to a manageable album. I can't wait to share it, and hopefully that will happen this year!

New York or LA?Going going, back back, to Cali Cali.

June 13: Barranquilla, Colombia (DJ Set)June 21: Delaware @ Firefly Music Festival (LIVE)June 25: Brooklyn @ Rough Trade (LIVE)June 26: Washington DC @ U Street Music Hall (LIVE)June 27: New York @ The Bowery Ballroom (LIVE)June 28: Boston @ The Sinclair (LIVE)July 12: Sacramento @ This Midtown (DJ Set)July 31: New York @ Verboten (DJ Set)Aug 1: Philadelphia @ Morgan's Pier (DJ Set)Aug 2: Los Angeles @ HARD Summer (DJ Set)Aug 14-25: SE Asia Tour

-words by Miguel Angel-photo by Isa Grassi of The Polaroid Project