gap unveils its wear-everywhere 1969 fragrance!

by liza darwin

Confession: we're addicted to jeans. Seriously. But despite the overflowing (and ever-growing) pile in our closets, Gap's 1969 Denim claims bragging rights to the ultimate outfit-saver. The jeans are flattering, versatile, and the comfiest pants we've found that aren't in the pajama variety.

This season the brand's rolling out its new 1969 fragrance collection....and, not surprisingly, these perfumes are just as wearable as our go-to denim. The women's scent is equal parts citrus, floral, and just woodsy-smelling enough to keep it from being overwhemingly girly and sweet. In other words, it's the ultimate springtime staple (besides your Gap jeans, of course.)

Buy the Gap 1969 Fragrance Collection for $35 at Gap store nationwide.