Good Listener Kate Boy

five weekend jams to blast all day and night.

by nylon

Kate Boy - "Self Control"

Good luck maintaining any semblance of self-control once the deep groove kicks in at just under the one-minute mark on this first single off the Stockholm-based trio's upcoming debut self-produced full-length. Whatever. We've always thought willpower was overrated anyway. MELISSA GIANNINI

Kero Kero Bonito - "Kero Kero Bonito"

Possible seizure warning on this video from South London's Kero Kero Bonito whose giddy eponymous debut single picks up where Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love" and Le Tigre's "Hot Topic" left off. MG

Sophie - "Lemonade"

Crunchy speaker fuzz fizzles and pops under fucked-tempo vocals in this 1:58-minute sugar rush of a song that we're betting will be soundtracking the sweatiest, grimiest, weirdest impromptu end-of-summer dance parties. MG

Beck - "Heart is a Drum"

When asked by Stephen Colbert as to why his new music is so sad, Beck simply responded, "I just need a hug" in the cutest musician-comedian exchange ever. Taking his newest album in a softer route, the alt-rock legend's newest track gives way to more contemplative lyrics and a stripped-down sound, highlighted by a monochromatic video coming to terms with death. Think modern-indie meets a Hammer film, filled with super saturated film reels, astronauts, and a grim reaper Halloween costume circa 2000. Just a quick PSA: If you need anything, Beck, we're here for you. Free hugs all around! BANU IBRAHIM

Fences feat. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Arrows" 

The return of the Mack is ... indie? Who knew that the debut single from the Seattle indie-rock four piece's first album in over four years would perfectly combine soft-swaying alt-pop beats and reserved vocals with hard-hitting emotional rhymes by Macklemore. And even though the album won't be released until this fall, this track has end-of-the-season, easy-going vibes written all over it. BI