The ‘Good Time’ Trailer Teases Robert Pattinson’s Career-Defining Performance

Edward who?

Don’t let the title of Robert Pattinson’s new movie, Good Time, fool you. While you’ll probably get a kick out of this gritty nonstop crime thriller, Pattinson’s character is caught up in a nightmare. The British actor, in what is being hailed as a career-best performance, plays a petty Queens, New York, criminal Connie Nikas, who’ll basically stop at nothing to free his mentally challenged brother who’s locked up on Rikers Island. Based on the brand-new trailer, those scenes at New York’s notorious island prison are incredibly harrowing, but so is the rest of this movie, as Pattinson’s character races through the streets of New York throughout one hellish night to save his brother from what looks like certain death.

Good Time premiered to ecstatic raves at the Cannes Film Festival, and instantly made its directors, Josh and Benny Safdie, two of the most talked-about young filmmakers working today. Their work, which is set in the mean streets of New York City, has gotten comparisons to Martin Scorsese's films, which makes sense since the legendary director is producing their next movie. (That one, starring Jonah Hill, is set in New York’s diamond district.) And finally, with this movie, Pattinson may have finally achieved what he’s set out to do ever since the end of the Twilight Saga. With his bleach blonde tangle of hair, thick Queens accent, and unrelenting intensity, it’s very possible that Connie Nikas becomes the defining role of his career to date. We’ll find out when Good Time hits theaters on August 11. Watch the trailer above.