Watch Patrick Stewart As A Diabolical Neo-Nazi In New ‘Green Room’ Trailer

captain picard like you’ve never seen him before

by daniel barna

The buzz surrounding Jeremy Saulnier's savage new thriller Green Room has been building ever since it stunned audiences at last year's Toronto Film Festival. After doing much of the same at last week's Sundance, the film about a young punk band who squares off against a sadistic club owner and his gang of neo-Nazis, is finally ready to take the world by storm.

In the new full-length trailer, we get our first real look at Patrick Stewart as the film's big baddie, and young stars Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole, Imogen Poots, and Callum Turner as the feisty young upstarts who give him way more than he bargained for. 

It's a brutal, unflinching piece of genre work that demands to be seen to be believed, especially with Stewart's villainous turn. When you see the extreme lengths his character goes to, any warm, fuzzy memories you had of Professor X or Captain Picard will be washed away in a tidal wave of blood. 

Green Room opens nationwide April 15. Watch the trailer for the feel good movie of the year, above.