Photo courtesy of Gucci


Is Gucci Launching New Beauty Products?

It looks promising

Gucci has remained primarily focused on fashion for the past few years—and we’re not complaining, because the brand’s clothes are to die for, but we do wonder what could come from the brand if it spent more creative energy on their makeup offerings. Looks like we won’t have to wonder much longer, because it appears that Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele is intent on revamping the brand’s beauty listings.

On Monday, Gucci launched a new Instagram, @GucciBeauty, which is not your run-of-the-mill beauty brand social media platform. Instead of flatlays and swatches of products, it’s a masterfully curated page that artfully shows the history of beauty. In the brand’s release on the new platform, the platform’s content is described as a “series of artworks that span across history, ethnicity, culture, and geography.” The works were sourced from respectable museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The captions give us the story behind each piece of art, as told by an art writer. 

While the Gucci Beauty feed shows the historical impact of beauty through art, the press release promises that this will be their space to showcase new beauty launches—which means there’s almost certainly a new Gucci makeup collection in the works, right? The platform will also show “fragrances, looks from the fashion shows, and special collaborations with artists and talents.” So, get to following.