NYLON’s March & April Guest Book Ft. Mack Wilds, Sigrid, Mura Masa + More

“Say Cheese!”

by nylon

Every day, amazing talent passes through our glittery-pink NYLON doors, from new bands to rising stars to your favorite It Girls. While we could just write their words down, let’s be honest... a picture’s worth a thousand of them. Here’s who visited us this month.

These past two months were so busy that we could barely keep guests away from our office. The NYLON studio hosted some sensational sessions with artists like Frances and B. Miles bringing their talents to our loyal listeners live on the stream. Middle Kids came all the way from Australia, and we tried our very best not to kill Sigrid's vibe. The Maine wrapped up the month of April by reviving our emo phases with an amazing acoustic set.

NYLON learned some crucial facts as Leaf spilled feminist truths and Safaa Khan came through to celebrate Muslim Girl Day. Sarah Snyder paid us a surprise visit, as did Awkwafina and Mack Wilds.

Tygapaw got us all more in touch with our creative sides and gave a much-needed lesson in DJing. Oh, and Mura Masa dropped by with a box full of baked goods to tell us about his forthcoming album. To be perfectly honest, that's all we'll be telling our friends about until May rolls around. 

Check it all out in the gallery, below. 

The key to taking a cool photo is looking away from the camera... Or covering your eyes with sunglasses.

Don't kill Sigrid's vibe.

Ultra-cool, ultra-successful Tristan "Mack" Wilds graced us with his presence.

Amber Mark, keeping it classy as always.

Amber gave us a peek inside the musical world of The Japanese House.

BRB, still dying over being able to hang out with Awkwafina.

B.Miles brought their killer vocals and broody synth pop to the NYLON studio.

Frances killed it with her ever-pretty voice in the NYLON studio.

Safaa Khan joined us to talk about Muslim Women's Day and her kick-ass role as Social Media Editor at MuslimGirl.com

Leaf is way too cool for all of us.

Middle Kids brought sweet tunes all the way from Sydney.

We got all the deets on Jaden Smith's Insta-famous ex.

Make America Emo Again.

Tygapaw gave a killer lesson in how to DJ.

Believe it or not, Mura Masa doesn't think he's photogenic. We disagree!