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Everything You Need To Know About The Full (Super) Moon in Taurus

Vive la résistance

by christie craft

After a gut-wrenching week, consoling words are few and far between. Life-changing fears are fully lit by the surprisingly radical full moon in Taurus on November 14, making peace for the world-weary hard to find—not exactly the sugary, sunny news we need when so, so many of us are already scraping the bottom of the morale barrel, but it is what it is. Aside from the myriad psychological, social, and metaphysical reasons why a huge chunk of the breathing population (especially in the U.S.) may be losing sleep, Luna will make it that much more challenging to catch those Zs, reaching perigee (or, the moon’s fullest point) with stunning brilliance 17,376 times closer to Earth than the average full moon. Expect an extra-gorgeous (not to mention blindingly bright!) cosmic show as the moon practically grazes terra firma on Monday night—the closest a Supermoon has been to Earth since 1948. Soak it all in, charge those crystals, conduct a banishing or protection ritual over your home, loved ones, and pets, and sage, sage, sage, because we won’t see another moon this big or powerful until 2034, a distant year some might long for (or completely fear).

To put it bluntly: There’s absolutely no off switch on this full moon when it comes to drawing revolutionary lines in the sand, at micro and macro levels. Earthy, harmonious Taurus typically gels splendidly with the moon’s watery, emotionally intuitive energy fields, but a sharp contrast between the Bull’s polarity—a sure shot, take-no-prisoners Scorpio sun—is fluorescently apparent as the fruit of transformation is harvested on November 14. We are playing tug-of-war with ourselves; Taurus’ energy urging us to find pleasure and satisfaction in uncomplicated, material things, Scorpio striking back and demanding a deep dive into complex mysteries of the mind and Universe. Full moons always promise the culmination or final fruition to endeavors initiated at the new moon (October 30), but this lunation’s influence is colored by the internal war between what was and what could be—the shape of things to come will be dictated by forms produced during this eerie gestational metamorphosis.

Suffice to say, this full (super) moon will be a doozy of a passion play electrifying creativity and fertilizing endless possibilities and life lessons. Since the moon will be so much closer to us than normal, tides, animal behavior, and yes, our own emotional responses (both negative and positive) will be much bigger, louder, and more impactful than usual. Nerves are tested as relationships take root and bloom little by little, bringing us to the brink of our boundaries surrounding sexuality, personal comfort, and safety, as well as innate values and ethics foundational to our lifestyle(s). The moon tends to rule matters relating to societal conformity and “playing your position” in that society, as well as ancestral—or inherited—habits of thought, which historically is widely thought by astrologers to make an imprint on how groups of people collectively react. Typically, this energy seduces the masses to follow the path of least resistance, a response sparked by fear and a haunting sensation of (literal, sometimes physical) fear. Last month’s Scorpio new moon was basic training on how to handle the Universe’s more frightening cyclical aspects, but this Taurus full moon brings us face-to-face with the six-headed demon and pleads with our courage to sever its heads.

Mediocrity and superficiality just won’t fly with the sun in Scorpio, fueling an intense urgency to bury ourselves in the dirty details, all for the sake of understanding the great mystery. Subjects that are clandestine, classified, taboo, or otherwise suppressed have the tendency to be dragged out until all the facts have been gleaned from A to Z. Though some may become unhealthily obsessive, pessimistic, and even fatalistic in our discoveries, these trips down the research rabbit hole (for better or for worse) can be intensely cathartic and healing.

Saturn, the no-nonsense planet governing tough love and hard-learned lessons, has the potential to pull Mother Moon’s energy down to a swampy place, indicating an increase in obstacles littering the path ahead. Signs touched by the full (super) moon—Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn, with Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius poised as prominent heavyweights—will quickly learn that pleasing everyone is impossible, and are better off committing to a strategy and solution that makes them happiest and most comfortable, personally. Someone on the periphery may get hurt in the process of elimination and simplification, which is mostly unavoidable with these aspects in play. Countercultural behavior and stands are especially powerful tools that could produce the most positive change overall, but wreak the most interpersonal havoc in the process. Trust me, doing the damage is worth it right now to get your point across.

Some level of celebrity is also inevitable as part of this package. You may not like your newfound fame, which is likely to carry a strong scent of stigma and notoriety. Few affected by this social fallout will embrace the experience and adopt a “bad boi/gal” image as their shiny, new armor happily. The ego is weaving a convincing tale of the soul being exiled from the dominant culture, sometimes as a response to the scar tissue of past trauma at the hands of an authority figure. Demonizing outcasts and eccentrics is extremely probable with these cosmic conditions, a dark reality that isn’t without consequences heavier than a ton of bricks.

Very sensitive signs during this period (think: Taurus, Pisces, Virgo, and Cancer) could become so dejected by the perceived demonization from the opposition that they unintentionally “feed the trolls,” causing their own emotional pain to crest to nearly intolerable heights. Saturn’s characteristic tendency toward gloom and melancholy doesn’t help, either. These personalities may spiral into darkness, even convincing themselves that they are somehow jinxed by fate for the next couple of weeks. Blocking out this intense discomfort will undoubtedly lead many to the doorstep of temptation, especially in the form of substance abuse and self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, and sexual manipulation as a means to manage depression. Night terrors are common now, as well as lucid dreaming. Be sure to jot down all your dreams in the next two weeks—prophecy is hidden in the messages of our dreams, including tremendously inspiring, uplifting ones.

Those feeling the pull toward addiction and excessively altering one’s consciousness need to gather their willpower and discipline to stay far, far away from those thorny snares, especially if you’ve been struggling with depression or loneliness. Possibly the darkest element of this cosmic combination is its power to trigger suicidal thoughts and foster an unhealthy phobia of death itself. Do your best to avoid social situations or circumstances where you may be tempted to go overboard drinking, consuming drugs, or hooking-up irresponsibly for two weeks. Check yourself when it comes to taking everything anyone says as the gospel truth and shirk taking anything overly seriously. A sense of familial belonging and security is usually all that’s needed to bring these folks back down to earth, so make time for a venting sesh or a cozy movie-and-takeout night if you notice these behaviors in a friend or relative. One of the best strategies to leveling out bitterness or ennui is by bonding with flora and fauna—get outside and get connected to nature, your pets, and local wildlife.

But it’s not all bad: People whose strength lies in  channeling negativity, transmuting darkness into lightness and positivity (ahem, Scorpio) have a rare and profitable business opportunity at their feet. Creative works produced under this moon’s influence are said to possess a gothic grandeur or have a very ostentatious-yet-austere vibe—something unique and easily marketable. Signs that are tempered by fiery intensity and stressful conditions (particularly Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aries) have the chance to thrive during these turbulent times, turning the pressure into a motivating factor to succeed. Remember how diamonds are made? Extreme pressure. The stress and tension melt as the moon wanes, and those brave souls still standing will begin to see that what doesn’t kill us indeed makes us stronger.

Historically, Taurus III full moons are said to produce some of the toughest people out there, the type to get knocked around and beat down, only to get up, wipe off the dirt, assess the damages, and wear their wounds and battle scars like medals of honor. With the sun steady in enigmatic Scorpio, a huge fraction will witness and experience a phoenix-like transformation, a practically literal rising from the flames and ashes of destruction and despair as a beautiful, indestructible creature, fat and golden with wisdom and learning. The strongest of the pack who are able to ascend through these challenges will lead by example, maybe even throwing a lifesaver out to those still caught up in dark whirlpools of their own through inspiration.

Cracking open rusty compartments in our toolbox of talents and discovering new ways to creatively market yourself and grow could be the secret ingredient to reaching astonishing heights you didn’t know you were capable of. For some, this ambitious streak could spill over into obnoxious overachievement, ultimately a poor attempt at overcompensating for deep insecurities of the ego, or as a means to heal the scars of a strained or less-than-nurturing childhood relationship with your mom, grandmother, auntie, or close maternal parenting figure.

A quietly prominent, provocative element to this lunation’s aspects is themes reflecting the Persephone myth of Ancient Greek mythos. The Pomegranate Queen—coquettish daughter of the harvest, and the bringer of spring who is ritualistically kidnapped by Pluto (Hades) and confined to the Underworld for six months out of every year—sticks around well after Samhain (Halloween, which coincided with last month’s revelatory Scorpio new moon), seeing us through the cold, sinister forest toward the Winter Solstice season. The presence of this energy may harken a sudden loss or gain setting off a period of discomfort that forces positive growth and transition. Separation from family members—a terrifying reality for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans in The Donald’s New World Order—also becomes more probable with these aspects present, which could be incredibly traumatic and even permanently scarring for some. Alternatively, a dramatic family scandal or blowout-level conflict between relatives is possible with equally devastating capabilities. Betrayal’s shadow taints the outcome, fortune favoring anyone equipped to grapple with reality’s ugliness with unmatched grit and determination.   

The flip side of this forcefully feminine energy an aggressive, overly alpha-male presence dominated by raw sexual desire. On one hand, there is a shockingly threatening extremeness to this masculine force, it places momentum behind breaking the chains of sexual subservience and authoritarianism. Curving wild male sexuality—either in the form of suppressing the movements of queer and trans men in the free world, or a virulent surge in sexual assault and misogyny-fueled violence—plays a key role, as well, specifically tying into a very sharp, slicey theme of castration. Yep, no joke; this full moon’s chart resembles a phallus being circumcised by the pattern made by Mars (extreme masculinity), Venus (extreme femininity), and Mercury (progress through communication). Narratives will be challenged from all sides, and suspicions of dishonesty, fraud, and con jobs will fly freely, beginning as hushed whispers that grow into roaring accusations. Court and legal cases hinging on bringing justice to the victims and survivors of gender- and sex-based crimes could see a rocky judicial road ahead for the next two weeks, particularly if investigations are carried out during that period.

The rivalries playing out between an imagined, idealized past and the present quickly morphing into an unstoppable future gaining speed before our eyes have the power to incite powerful rebellions against figures intoxicated on an overabundance of authority. Uranus, the rowdy, unpredictable planet of surprise makes contrarians out of the most gentle personalities, ensuring that we, as a public, are questioning everything that’s fed to us from those in positions of power. In fact, this is only the second time this year that Uranus has danced with the constellation Ceres, who happens to be Persephone’s royal mom; the first instance was during Brexit.

The stars have given every indication in the last weeks that a revolution is, and has been, underway. An almost primordial urgency to break down walls and overthrow traditional systems through various intimidation techniques that can easily become hotspots for violence. Like Persephone herself, the archetypes with the odds in their favor are the Gentle Teachers and Fierce Enlighteners. These socially minded individuals will be adherent to the underserved and underrepresented, championing the quietest voices from society’s outskirts. Outpourings of empathy from those resisting the amoral status quo will bolster the oppressed and bullied. And another metamorphosis will emerge from yet another flaming pile of ashes: The Gentle Teacher and Fierce Enlightener will become the Agent of Reform.