The NYLON Guide To Amsterdam

    Go beyond the debauchery

    by · June 30, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Hotel Droog

    Like all great cities, Amsterdam has a reputation. But unlike those other cities, Amsterdam’s is tied directly with marijuana and your ability to smoke it legally. Young (and not-so-young) tourists flock to the Dutch capital to revel in its open society, get stoned in its coffee shops, and amble through the city center’s narrow streets and along its serene canals. But guess what? Amsterdam is also a thriving cultural hub, with innovative designers, artists, chefs, gallerists, and entrepreneurs who are burnishing the city’s reputation as a stylish cultural hub and steering visitors away from the debauchery it’s so famous for. So if you find yourself in this obscenely pretty city this summer—and we sure hope you do—here are some of our picks for the places where you should probably spend your time at.

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