illustrated by liz riccardi


All About Aries: Your Complete Guide to the Sun Sign

+ how to seduce, romance, lock down, and keep your Aries

by christie craft

Aries at a glance — March 21 to April 20

Symbol: The Ram

Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Body part: Head, including the face, skull, and brain

Personal Mantra: “I am.”

Crystal: Carnelian

Colors: Fiery reds—from scarlet to orange-red

Luckiest Numbers: 1, 9

Positive Traits: Passionate, Adventurous, Courageous, Bold, Energetic

Negative Traits: Selfish, Hot-Tempered, Stubborn, Rebellious, Stunted Maturity

Most Likely BFFs: Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra

Most Likely to be Bae: Libra, Sagittarius, Leo

Most Likely to be Frenemies: Virgo, Scorpio

Famous Aries:

Emma Watson

James Franco

Lady Gaga


Aretha Franklin

Gloria Steinem

Quentin Tarantino

Rooney Mara

For detailed personality and physical traits, shadows sides, compatible matches, and ways to seduce and lose an Aries, continue after the break.

How to Spot an Aries

Aries are courageous and bold people who can often come off as aggressive, charging through life’s every moment headfirst without being weighed down by worry. Aries is the first sign to lead the zodiac, and that’s exactly how Aries views themselves: the first to lead. For those born under the sign of the Ram, roughly between March 21 to April 20, reaching the finish line comes as naturally as breathing, granting Aries a competitive edge in all aspects of life but especially in business, politics, and athletics. Unsurprisingly, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, represented by the Greco-Roman god of war. Just as fearlessly as Mars is said to have ruled the battlefield, so does Aries. Wearing inner-strength on their sleeve is the Aries trademark. Aries has reserves of self-discipline and focus so intense they almost match Scorpio, who shares a planetary ruler with Aries. Sheer force is Aries’ most powerful, constructive trait, and one that comes in handy when taking charge. Aries is skilled at accomplishing the lion’s share of thorny challenges sensitive signs simply can’t manage, another gift of Mars.

Aries has an almost supernatural magnetism that motivates groups in the face of insurmountable odds. No wonder feminist crusaders Emma Watson and Gloria Steinem both claim the Aries sign. Those born under Aries are pioneers who often become powerful tastemakers (hello, James Franco, Lady Gaga, and Rooney Mara), the first to rock the hottest trends of the moment with confidence—and also the first to ditch them without apology as soon as they grow cold. These folks catch a heady buzz from the excitement of initiation, bursting at the seams with dynamism and energy at fresh possibilities, but Aries doesn’t waste time with anything once it has faded from relevance. A tremendous factor shaping zesty and vigorous nature of Aries is their elemental triplicity—fire. Triplicity determines the element of nature that most influences a sign’s characteristics, classifying each as an earth, air, water, or fire sign. Aries’ sibling fire signs are Leo and Sagittarius, who both thrive alongside Aries as stellar friends and karmically compatible mates. Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) intermingle with Aries harmoniously, fanning the fire element’s flames and giving Aries life. As a fire sign, Aries burns bright and intensely for anything action-oriented and exciting, like physical activities and extreme sport. Thinking of going skydiving for the first time? Call an Aries. You won’t be able to back out of jumping because your best Aries bud will probably push you. (No, really.) Every outing is an opportunity to compete, so don’t be surprised when Aries dive-bombs ahead of you to reach the ground first. Expect to eat their dust once you hit the ground—Aries gets bored easily, bolting from the scene to their next adventure, sometimes before the last one is even over.

Aries is a Cardinal sign, which means they belong to a group of four signs—a “quadruplicity”—who occur at the beginning of their season, such as Aries in early spring, Cancer in early summer, Libra in early fall, and Capricorn in early winter. Cardinal signs are the enterprising go-getters of the zodiac, the initiators who carry the will to birth new ideas and concepts of living. These signs find bliss in launching things in motion, and Aries personifies this quality more than any other Cardinal sign. Making things happen is what gets an Aries’ blood pumping, motivating Rams with forceful enthusiasm and urgency that can spill over into violent impatience. 

Spotting an Aries native is as straightforward and obvious as their posture; Rams tend to lead their gait with their heads tipped slightly forward, always held high. Physically, Aries’ most prominent traits are their lustrous, thick mane, strong build, and statuesque bone structure. This sign is also prone to blushing and flushing easily during times of emotional turmoil, high stress, or simply when the room’s too hot. Aries has no poker face. Aries’ natural brow game is mythical with sharply edged, alert arches and fullness, framing inquisitive, sparkling eyes. Red undertones are common in their complexions as well as in their hair as a fiery copper, strawberry, or auburn cast. Their mouths often form an aggressive “M” at their cupid’s bow mismatched with a juicy bottom lip curling into a full pout. And yes, Aries is usually blessed with a resting bitch face that could turn you to stone. These big personalities can wrestle any beast with gusto—and will usually win.

Aries is a sign of youth and early spring, which credits them with matchless fighting stamina. These are independent creatures whose eyes are always sharply focused on their own interests at all times. Aries’ keen sense of what they can selfishly gain above anyone else can be interpreted as domineering or arrogant, making this sign occasionally unpopular but always successful. In classic Aries fashion, they couldn’t care less about their critics. Yawn. Aries’ viewpoint is that a true leader can’t truly lead without intense focus and an iron spine. And that everyone else needs to grow a thicker skin and adapt to their regime. Comfort zones for an Aries are found, paradoxically, in life’s frontier. As the zodiac’s pioneer sign, new and unexplored terrains are paradise, and these signs are often drawn to avant-garde designers, artists, and technology. Aries’ egotistical edge and sharp, mechanical mind makes them prime candidates for a career stomping with the innovative giants of Silicon Valley, or even blazing new paths in medical science. Aries keeps to the sunny side of life, providing an eternally optimistic view of whatever endeavor they’re involved in. Ambitious and creative, Aries has a talent for attracting money by following their passions into a career, ultimately lucrative either financially or for the soul. Make no mistake, Aries is one of the hardest-working signs of the zodiac, but all work and no play make Aries restless, temperamental, and destructive (think: pent-up, misdirected energy rivaling a Border Collie in a 500-square-foot apartment). Don’t fence these fiery Rams in— Aries isn’t ever afraid to lock horns with anyone standing in the way of their freedom.

A dedicated exercise regimen is an absolute must for this sign’s sanity because of their extreme physicality. Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or rock climbing, are just a few high-level physical sports Aries rules. Aries looks best in fiery reds ranging from burnt orangey ochres to tough tomato hues, like the vast range of colors found in their personal crystal, carnelian. One and nine are Aries’ luckiest numbers. Florence, Italy, Marseilles, France, and Krakow, Poland are ultimate travel destinations that Aries will feel an undeniable connection to since Aries rules those cities and countries (yes, that’s a thing!). Aries is ruled by the head, including the skull, face, and brain, which means people with their Sun in Aries need to be extra vigilant in guarding against head injuries, concussions, migraines, chronic headaches, and strokes. This also contributes to Aries’ hot-headedness; it’s critical for these folks to remember to take a deep breath before flying off the handle and becoming ill-tempered or verbally abusive. Remember to wear your helmet.    

Shadow Side

Sure, Aries are the enterprising dynamos of the zodiac, the all-star athletes, and Herculean heroes set out to smash any goal they set. But there’s much more to Aries, the first astrological sign and child of Mars. And it certainly isn’t always rainbows and roses with Aries, whose negative side can manifest as hot-tempered, arrogant, wildly undisciplined and rebellious, confrontational, and impatient.

One thing Aries does not do is sit on the bench. These signs are the first to call out to the coach to be put in the game, contributing full force to any fight they deem worthy and fun, which at first blush is a positive trait. Hindsight often reveals many of Aries’ decisions to be hastily made and half-baked, but they’ll never regret the risk of the fight—or admit to anything resembling the f-word: failure. Nope, Aries does not lose, and will choose rose-colored glasses of self-delusion over second place any single day of the week. Weaker Aries may fall back on throwing spiky shade by pointing fingers and playing the blame game. At their core, Aries is a young sign—the first of 12 ancient brothers and sisters—a trait which can manifest in their shadow side as immaturity and pigheadedness.

Impulsiveness can come easily, driving Aries-born people to turn on a dime and make rash decisions. But once they’ve made up their mind, abandon all hope of convincing an Aries to soften up and reconsider. Don’t even think about sparking an argument with an Aries, unless you’re prepared to have the wind knocked from your lungs. Pick your battles wisely and save your breath, because Aries will have the last word.

Tread with caution: Rams are painfully blunt and can make deep cuts in a sensitive person’s psyche without awareness. Their stubborn, rebellious nature can be corrosive to relationships with authority figures, bosses, and superiors, which can heat up if Aries feels their personal boundaries have been compromised. Aries are known to play by their own rules, turning a blind eye to the status quo. Once you’ve pushed an Aries beyond their limit, be prepared for a furious volcanic eruption—the Aries temper is legendary, but be careful not to squander their respect; once you lose an Aries’ esteem, it’s gone for good.

How to Love an Aries

So, fiery Aries has caught the sparkle in your eye? Never fear, even though these Mars-ruled Rams are known to eat their love interests for breakfast. Ahead, your guide to seducing, romancing, locking down—and keeping—your Aries’ passions burning.

Rams have a tendency to be impulsive and stubborn, always needing to be first. Aries leaps without looking when it comes to love; it’s all or nothing with this fire sign—there is no gray area. Once you’re in the crosshairs of an Aries heart, prepare to be hunted, wined, dined, and asked to many game-themed dates and sports outings. The thrill of the chase—and being an Aries’ prey—is hot and heavy, richly indulgent in affection and physical passion, which are the lifeblood of their libido. Like Scorpio, Aries has an almost insatiable desire for love in the flesh earning them a reputation as a vigorous lover. Relish your seven minutes in heaven with Aries before they’re on to the next one.

Overall, Aries is supernaturally confident and comfortable in their own skin. When an Aries knows exactly who they are, they won’t settle. These signs prefer a partner in crime but would just as easily navigate life independent of long-term commitments rather than tangling with the wrong person. It’s not like hooking up, to balance their sexual desire, is hard for an Aries.

Most Compatible Matches

Aries gets along with other fire signs, including Leo and Sagittarius, as well as air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, who are the “opposite” element of fire. Air is essential for fire to exist and thrive, so air signs essentially breathe life into fire signs. Libra, a fellow Cardinal sign who sits directly opposite of Aries on the zodiac wheel, is the most compatible match for Aries.

Seduction & Dating

First things first: compliments. Flattery goes miles with Aries, who have a nearly pathological need for reassurance that can bleed into egoism. Aries is always hungry to know that they are desirable, but they won’t accept insincerity. Their bullshit meter is extra-sensitive in the game of love, and will reject shallow shows of affection and empty flattery. Aries is nobody’s fool.

Aries appreciates a bold personality to match their own, so more audacious overtures are entertained over the bland. Confidence worn like a subtle but commanding perfume is the ultimate aphrodisiac for this sign, just sidestep any ostentatious bragging—an instant turnoff for Aries, who must remain at the center of boastful behavior. The same goes for airs of authority: Aries must always be in charge—or be under a supreme illusion that they are in charge—or they will bolt. It’s not that Aries doesn’t like to be doted on; it’s that Aries needs to be the dominant alpha to stay in the mood. For Aries, a submissive role is likely to kill an amorous vibe.

Play up your best features and take pride in your physical appearance to catch an Aries’ eye. Clear skin, a bright visage, and lustrous hair are kryptonite for Rams. Express your personality through your look and an Aries will interpret your boldness as high self-esteem, which Aries finds incredibly sexy. Not to mention personal style with an athletic bent, which is right up these sports-loving sign’s alley.

Aries is a sucker for playful competition. One caveat: They like to win. No, they need to win. But don’t ever let them win. Always put up a fight until the end with Aries, which they will find irresistible and endearing. That’s not to say that you should pick silly fights constantly, but do speak out about holding an opposite viewpoint. Aries can’t say no to a spirited, friendly debate that keeps you locked in passionate conversation until the wee hours of the morning at your Aries’ love’s favorite new Mediterranean wine cellar. Extra points if you’re the adventurous soul who introduced them to the place!


Lucky lovers who successfully bed aggressive Aries are in for a wild ride—perhaps more than they bargained for in stamina and vigor alone! You’d do well to begin training for a 10K marathon as preparation for hitting the sheets with a fiery Ram. Aries love a sense of playful challenge, which lends to their reputation as hot lovers. These signs are notorious hunters who can’t resist injecting any activity with a competitive, physically vital spirit—the boudoir is all about pursuit and conquest.

Aries are ruled by the head, including the face and brain, which makes this sign largely sapiosexual—meaning intellectual connection and debate are heady and arousing for Aries. Raucous, lively conversation with intense eye contact is just the ticket to get an Aries’ blood flowing in the right direction. Once you’ve established your physical boundaries, begin with a sensual scalp and head massage, or by gently playing with their hair, their most potent erogenous zone.

Foreplay is not Aries strong suit, as they are always revved up and ready to go. You’ve got to be strong to match Aries in the bedroom; their brash, brutally honest nature can leave something to be desired in sexting and pillow talk. Much to their chagrin, Aries is plastered with a reputation of being overly quick, selfish lovers who burst out of the gate to claim their pleasure first without consideration of their partner(s). You can’t blame them, though; their unquenched sense of urgency extends into their sex lives—they want to hit it and quit it, what happens before and after their orgasms aren’t that important.

Sexual conquest occupies Aries’ mind almost as much as a Scorpio. They’re always thinking of the next exciting impromptu locale—public or private—to make love in. Aries get high from risky, public sex with a high chance of being caught. They are the exhibitionists of the zodiac, impervious to fear of rejection or social backlash.  

Playing with dominant-submissive roles in the bedroom ranks high on Aries’ fantasy list. Any positions placing the Aries with an advantage of control are their favorites (think: doggy, anything on top, reverse cowgirl, and good ol’ fashioned missionary). If you’re going to play rough with an Aries, be sure to establish a safe word or signal in case things become too intense. Aries gets easily carried away in the moment, and as one of the most physically strong signs is extremely accident-prone. Trust me, you do not want to be in the ER with an obvious sex injury from an Aries.

All in all, the art of sex hinges on the thrill of desire for Aries, and with such physical stamina, these fire signs are known to be fans of quick and frequent, successive banging that usually lasts an entire night. Spontaneity rules Aries actions and they are the sign statistically most likely to get down on the first date (no, really!).


Sometimes in the unforgiving world of dating, you surrender thoughts of romantic coupling but leave with a fast friend. Both fire and air signs make close confidants for Aries, often remaining BFFs for many years. Even though Aries becomes bored easily and is prone to flitting from person to person, interest to interest, they are quite sharp with technology and rack up impressive contact rosters via social media. They like to spontaneously pop in and out of their friends’ lives, inviting them to watch a lively soccer match or even go for a run or a hike. Connecting with an Aries friend is best done over physical activity, travel, and exploration. They are the perfect partner in crime for checking out exotic, new restaurants and hitting up the latest fitness crazes.


If you are lucky enough to land an Aries as a long-term liaison, you’ll find them to be much more cuddly and playful than they let on in the first weeks of casual dating. You’ve snagged yourself a loyal, exciting S.O. or mate with a heedless appetite for love and affection. Ever the optimist, Aries rushes into love, making bold claims early on and refusing to accept defeat, usually before they really know whether or not they have truly fallen in love. Love at first sight is common with this impulsive and passionate sign, compelling them to act like fools in love.

Once they are sure that they are in love with you, though, they will hoist their partner onto a pedestal and shower them with worship and ardor, which can be a little too much at times, especially when it comes to public displays of affection (which Aries loooves!).

Finding yourself butting heads with your Aries partner after the honeymoon glow fades is not only common but essential to the Ram’s love style. Deep conversations and passionate debates filled with vim and vigor that can sometimes develop into frustrating arguments are the keys to keeping Aries’ flames burning for you down the line. Aries won’t take a shrinking violet as a mate anyway, so you need to be able to stand up to Aries’ occasional tough talk and rough demeanor. Since Aries tends to be immature, their partner should be mature enough to balance their weaknesses, especially when it comes to working through any conflict with a cool-headed conversation (see why Libras are such a perfect match?).

How to Lose an Aries

Just a moment ago, it was a sweet cream fairytale between your Aries bae and you. But where did you go wrong? Although Aries is a tough sign, they are relatively sensitive to picking up on details, leaving them with a panoply of turnoffs.

Probably the most vexing habit to an Aries is clinginess, which is probably the quickest way to sour things with a Ram. While they love knowing how interested you are, lacking a strong sense of independence will send them running. Aries loathes being pawed at constantly for attention, which they find oppressive and smothering. Give your Aries more space than you might give another sign. Play up your aloof independence well into the relationship to let ‘em know that they are a luxury item, not a necessity. Do. Not. Show. Jealousy. Ever. Got that?

Aries loves having their egos stroked and petted, but pelting them with leveling criticism is the wrong way to go. Sure, they love cheeky opposition but flat-out insults—especially in the bedroom, where their egos are most fragile—will have them looking elsewhere for love before you can lob another jab.

As a bit of a double-standard, Aries is extremely aggressive and quick to hit the sheets, but is turned off by prospects who make the chase too easy. While your Aries will 100 percent try to take the party to the mattress (or sofa, or lounge settee, or public bathroom…) if given the chance, you are less likely to see each other again romantically afterwards (which isn’t always a bad thing!). If you want an Aries to continue pursuing you beyond a few dates, remain flirty and sexually suggestive, open but not obvious. Subtle chase goes a long way.