Hailey Baldwin Revealed Her Favorite Justin Bieber Song To Make Love To

Is this tmi?

by daniel barna

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have never actually confirmed the status of their relationship, but thanks to an endless stream of provocative Instagrams, they're also not leaving much to the imagination, either. The on-again-off-again alleged lovers recently shared a pretty steamy New Year's Eve, but hadn't been spotted together for a month since. 

That all changed this past weekend, when hordes of celebrities descended on San Francisco to attend the Super Bowl and its crush of parties. Bieber and Baldwin were among the attendees, once again using social media to let us all know that they were hanging out. Whether they were doing more than that remains a mystery, although one that Baldwin seems intent on helping us solve. 

While walking the red carpet at New Era's star-studded bash (yes, Bieber was there too), Complex magazine's Sean Evans had the intestinal fortitude to ask Baldwin which song off of Bieber's career-rejuvenating album Purpose she prefers to make love to. After initially recoiling in a not-so-subtle mix of shock and terror, Baldwin thought about it a little, before answering: "I think the song 'Trust.' I think it's really good."

And just like that, listening to "Trust," or any song off of Purpose, will never be the same again. Thanks a lot, Hailey!