book club: hair: fashion and fantasy

who’s your hair icon?!

by liza darwin

It's hard to decide what exactly we love the most about Hair: Fashion and Fantasy. It could be the ridiculously gorgeous images or the informative commentary...or, you know, the fact that it'll majorly help us next time we go to the salon. Either way, we're obsessed--and you will be too, once you get your hands on this amazing coffee table book. 

Written by Lauren Philippon and featuring contributions by everyone from Richard Avedon to Dita Von Deese, this beauty tome is a breeze through hair history, hopscotching continents and fashion magazine pages alike. Braids 101? It's in here, touching upon the Indian jata (dreadlocks), the Qing dynasty, and even Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra look. There's also a chapter on "Loose Hair" (Yoko Ono, Farrah Fawcett), a section on the mohawk (Die Antwoord, the Roman emperor Hadrian), and an entire part dedicated to "The Architecture of Short Hair." 

But hey, don't just let us tell you about it. Click through the gallery to see all our favorite hair icons in action, and buy the book here!

Farrah Fawcett

Dita Von Teese

Bo Derek
Kristen McMenamy
Amy Winehouse

Yo-Landi from Die Antwoord

Kate Moss