bumble and bumble gets an app—and you get free stuff!

by rebecca willa davis

No matter how much you love your hair stylist--or how chatty you may be--there comes a point in your multi-hour long appointment when you get a little bored. Maybe you're waiting for your hair to dry, perhaps your mid-color and waiting for the timer to ding. Either way, there's only so much Twitter you can update (or, of course, to read).

Enter Bumble and shuffle, the new iPhone app from the amazing New York City-based salon Bumble and bumble. The digital platform helps you pass the time by playing games ranging from using "products" to style clients' hair to heading backstage to prep models before a runway show. The entire app features ultra-cool illustrations from the salon's in-house artist, Lauren Tamaki, which adds a bit of art edge.

But here's the best part: Not only will it help you pass the time, but it will also get you new, free styling products. That's right, as you advance through the game you're awarded points, and those points convert into serious rewards via the brand's website. Think product samples, free shipping, and many more goodies, all delivered to your door.

Which is good, because you may never leave the house once you start playing. At the very least, try to make it out to that bang trim.

Download the free Bumble and shuffle app via the iTunes store starting today!