No, That Is Not Jennifer Lawrence In The ‘Hardcore Henry’ Movie Trailer

meet haley bennett

Over the weekend, we caught the trailer for a movie called Hardcore Henry, an ultra-violent film that's shot like a first-person action video game. It was undeniably striking and looks batshit crazy, but what caught our eye the most was an appearance by an actress who looked so much like Jennifer Lawrence we questioned for a second whether she was in a movie that we'd never heard of (like you, we have JLaw's upcoming slate of movies memorized). The people sitting next to us asked themselves out loud if it was her or not. The answer of course is no, Jennifer Lawrence is not playing the romantic interest in a low-budget Russian-American action movie, but rising star and JLaw look-alike Haley Bennett definitely is.

If you haven't heard of 28-year-old Bennett before, she's been on the rise in Hollywood for a few years now, and most recently appeared in Denzel Washington action vehicle The Equalizer. But 2016 looks like the year that Bennett—who made her film debut in the 2008 Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore rom-com Music & Lyrics—is going to break out. Not only has she wrapped a supporting role in Terrence Malik's mysterious, star-studded Austin-set romance Weightless (the movie's photo on IMDb features Bennett and Christian Bale looking dazed and in love), but she's also got a plum part in Warren Beatty's return to filmmaking, the long-delayed Howard Hughes biopic that is supposed to finally get released this year.

Amazingly, those aren't even Bennett's most exciting projects. She's playing the third female lead (opposite Emily Blunt and Rebecca Hall) in upcoming The Girl On the Train, aka the next Gone Girl. She's also teamed up again with Denzel Washington as the female lead for the anticipated remake of The Magnificent Seven (a movie that also stars some dude named Chris Pratt), and she's currently shooting the PTSD dramedy Thank You For Your Service alongside Miles Teller and Amy Schumer. 

So to recap, the actress in the Hardcore Henry trailer is not Jennifer Lawrence, but she could very well be the next one.