natalie portman joins a long line of “oh, la, la!”

by ali hoffman

In 1947, Christian Dior concocted his first fragrance, appropriately dubbed Miss Dior. To help promote the new scent, Dior hired famed illustrator René Gruau to design an advertisement unlike any other. The result, a simple yet elegant sketch of a swan wearing a black bow, helped to refurbish the fashion house's overall image-- elegantly flirtatious.

Since then, the perfume's sought out a limited number of women, including Sophia Coppola, Riley Keough, and Lily Donaldson, to help maintain this distinct vision. 

Yesterday, more than sixty years since Miss Dior's debut, images of Miss Dior's latest campaign starring Natalie Portman surfaced around the web.  The ad, which features the actress wearing nothing but a black bow, seems almost too perfect when considering her recent association with a different swan.

And even though this is probably just a bizarre coincidence, we couldn't resist using the opportunity to roundup our all-time favorite Miss Dior ads, because, yes, they're just that pretty.

Natalie Portman, 2011

Maryna Lynchuk, 2010

A still from Sofia Coppola's "Miss Dior" film, 2010

Lily Donaldson, 2009

Riley Keough, 2003

Miss Dior by Rene Gruau

Miss Dior by Rene Gruau

The original Miss Dior campaign illustration.