hang tight

opening ceremony launches their own line of handbags, and it was worth the wait!

by rebecca willa davis

Opening Ceremony has ticked off a long list of boxes. Bring the cool concept shop stateside? Check. Team up with Chloe Sevigny? Check. Design with Rodarte? Check. Put together their own line of dresses, shoes, and hats? Check, check, check. But if after getting dressed in head-to-toe Opening Ceremony you wanted something to throw your keys, phone, and wallet in, you'd have to look elsewhere; while the store carried a range of bags by other designers, they never made their own.

That all changes this fall, with the launch of Opening Ceremony's inaugural handbag collection. It's based around five core styles, all named after their various brick-and-mortar spaces. There's the OC LA (a front-buckle messenger), the OC NY (a larger version of the OC LA), the OC Tokyo (a rectangular over-the-shoulder purse), the OC Ace (a saddle bag), and the Pop-Up Bag (a mini-drawstring), in shades ranging from orange suede to black patent leather to turquoise leather. And if there's any doubt as to the success of the line, look no further than its very first adopter: Sevigny herself, who wore the OC NY in black suede to the premiere of Lawless just last week. Bag worn by big name? Check!

The handbags hit stores in September, but they're slowly rolling out on