75 years of excellence in eyewear.

by ray siegel

What's one accessory that Grace Kelly, Mick Jagger and Rihanna all had in common? If we're not counting bling, it's at least one pair of Ray-Ban shades.

At NYLON we have an official, unwavering list of everything that is forever cool. It's a short list, since so few of our favorite trends rarely achieve true staying power. Of course, our favorite jeans (Levi's), ballet flats (Repetto), and sneakers (Converse) have all made the cut. When it comes to shades, there's no doubt that Ray Ban is the only name written.

This year the American eyewear brand is celebrating its 75th birthday this year and since launching in 1937 its shades have gone a lot further in fashion than its intended purpose, which was to provide protection for American pilots. They've disguised more rockstars' hangovers, have been on more supermodels' faces, and been the star of more streetstyle shots than any single item we can think of. In honor of the big anniversary they've released limited edition aviators that'll surely please the highly photographed set: the rims are done in 22-carat yellow or white plated gold frames.

We're celebrating with a reflective look at the iconic frames throughout the ages. Happy Birthday, Ray-Ban!