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10 Beauty Products Inspired By Harry Potter

totally witch-worthy

by Mila Jaroniec

It’s been almost a decade since the publication of the last book of the series, and guess what: We’re still obsessed with Harry Potter. From candles to clothing, tattoos to housewares, and now the much-anticipated relaunch of the Pottermore site, there’s no shortage of love out there for The Boy Who Lived. Thankfully, beauty brands have not been slow on the uptake, gifting us with loads of witch-worthy products and potions to keep the fandom looking fab. Read on to discover the best of Potter-inspired beauty and add a little magic to your makeup arsenal.

Sweet, warm, and a bit strong for an elf, this super-moisturizing lip balm is pure butterscotch goodness, handmade to order and chock full of natural oils and butters to nourish lips while satisfying the sweet tooth–although chilly fall nights might still have you craving the real thing.

Nerdie Nifties, All-Natural Lip Balm in Butterbeer, $3.50, available at Etsy. 

Inspired by the head boy of Slytherin we all not-so-secretly have a crush on, nothing but this deep, sparkling chartreuse with a green shift could make cowardice, arrogance, and jealousy look so good.

Brija Cosmetics, Eyeshadow in Scared, Potter?, $1.25-$5.50, available at

Love potion in a lotion: This pretty pink butter is hand-whipped with sweet almond oil and shea butter to soothe skin, while natural fragrances react with your body chemistry to concoct a unique scent that’s sure to attract the right kind of attention.

Gillyweed and Co., Body Butter in Amortentia, $13, available at Etsy.

You know that absolutely blissful feeling of wishing something existed, only to find out it already does? Look no further than Literary Lacquer, the nail-polish line of our nerdy dreams. The killing curse gets a dose of living color with Avada Kedavra, a glitter-filled matte black that puts the void right at your fingertips.

Literary Lacquer, Nail Polish in Avada Kedavra, $10, available at Etsy. 

Good enough to eat, this chocolate-peppermint facial scrub is made with rosehip and tea tree oils to fight breakouts and coconut palm sugar instead of cane sugar for a gentler scrub. The best part? It won’t try to hop away when you open it.

8Bit, Chocolate Frog Peppermint Face Scrub, $8, available at Etsy. 

Mysterious and evocative in its dark glass vial, this unisex scent is a warm blend of black tea, ylang ylang, labdanum, frankincense, and tobacco that will (thankfully) leave you smelling way better than Professor Snape.

Sarawen Perfume Art, Potion Master Perfume Oil, $12.50, available at 

While it may not make you immortal, this luxurious soap made with organic oils and botanicals will soften your skin while sea salt gently draws out impurities. Hey, that’s good enough for us.

Hour Of Wormwood's Witch Wash Wares, The Philosopher's Stone, $7, available at Etsy.

In Potterworld, a boggart is a shape-shifting non-being that takes the form of the viewer’s biggest fear. This gorgeous green matte metallic (!) lip lacquer is a little like that…if your biggest fear is fierceness, that is.

Impulse Cosmetics, Metaluxe Mettalic Lipstick in Boggart, $6.99, available at 

What’s in a name, anyway? This unique milky-gray hue packed with holographic silver glitter makes the horrible adorable.

Spellbound Nails, Nail Polish in Troll Bogeys, $8, available at Etsy. 

A superfan’s dream come true: This soon-to-be-available line of ultra-pigmented, ultra-matte liquid lipsticks almost did #breaktheinternet, with swoon-worthy colors such as Ravenclaw, Sirius, Nagini and more. Our favorite is Bellatrix, a cold, blue-hued purple to glam up your inner psycho.

LA Splash Cosmetics, Smitten Liptint Mousse in Bellatarix, $14, available at