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what does daniel radcliffe think about the harry potter spiniff?

by liza darwin

See what Daniel Radcliffe has to say about that whole Harry Potter spinoff. (Rolling Stone

Stream the new Frankie Rose album tonight, because a.) it's good b.) she rules c.) you need new music and d.) it's free! (Pitchfork)

Pamela Love designed a capsule jewelry line for Liberty United out of recycled gunmetal, bullet casings and gold.  (WWD)

When famous people meet other famous people, hilarity ensues. (NYLON Guys)

Really long skirts and pants are being paired together on the catwalk. Uh, how do we feel about this? (

Who should star as Catcher In The Rye author JD Salinger in the upcoming movie? Our money's on Joaquin Phoenix... (Variety)