Harry Potter Has Found His Valentine In Voldemort This Year

Call me by your magical name

This Valentine's Day, you needn't worry who the fictional character Harry Potter will be enjoying a glass of butterbeer and a scone with. The people of the internet have shipped him and the Dark Lord Voldemort as Valentine's Day lovers. It is, perhaps, the greatest, most non-sensical piece of video fan fiction 2017 has seen.

Aside from the whole quasi Stockholm Syndrom theme going on here, Bobby Burns and Dustin McLean have created a compelling—albeit unnerving—piece of content. In a parallel universe that is definitely not the Upside Down, The Boy Who Lived and He Who Must Not Be Named are romantically linked. Their love is repressed, and good ol' Voldy seems to be the one in tune with his desire. (Gosh, Harry, wake up!) Is this what the prophecy really said? How are they going to get over the whole "you murdered my parents and a gagillion others, but love knows no bounds" thing? Avada kedavra my heart and hope to die. And by Merlin's beard why am I, a former fan fiction writer on Fiction Alley, so intrigued?