Harry Styles Soars In First Solo Music Video

Like, he actually flies in it

Harry Styles is adjusting to solo life pretty, pretty well. So much so that he’s now defying gravity and walking on water. How’s that for an upgrade?

The former One Direction member released his first solo music video, “Sign of the Times,” today. Filmed on the Island of Skye in Scotland, it shows Styles pensively walking around and contemplatively staring into the camera. Next thing you know, he’s taken to the skies... and is just as confused as everyone else as to how he got there.

He’s definitely not mad about it though, as he soars atop waterfalls, forests, and vast mountains. The singer even takes a minute to sprint across a body of water. Talk about making a grand entrance into flying solo. And now we also have answers to what that Harry meme everyone got very creative with a couple weeks ago was all about. We’re slightly disappointed that the video didn’t include him in a remake of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but this is cool, too.

Watch the full picturesque video above.