first look: hayley elsaesser

because beer can dresses are the bomb.

by jennifer suzukawa-tseng

The best kind of nostalgia is wearable. Sure, we love obsessing over the resurgence of ‘90s music (a Spice Girls-themed dance party, anyone?) and re-watching childhood cartoons, but nothing beats sporting the duds inspired by a past decade.

Australian designer Hayley Elsaesser gets this reminiscing vibe and her newest collection, “Redneck Nostalgia” showcases loud, bold, and colorful prints of beer cans, palm trees, and dice. There’s something for everyone in every degree of flamboyance—starting from a punch of color with a bright blue neckerchief (tap your inner Ellen Page with one tied around your neck) to full-blown ostentation with a vibrant blue leather dress with flames at the hem.

Coming from the designer who previously served up a batch of prints of tarantulas and eyeballs, her Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook is no less over-the-top and has the perfect pieces for your weekend uniform.

So, you were planning on checking out that ‘90s cover band tonight, but no dice, you can’t make it? Not a problem. Thanks to Elsaesser you can wear dice around your neck or even on your dress.