The Civil Wars + Paramore Video

this new video is pure magic

Paramore fans (us included) were in for a major treat yesterday when the pop punk rockers released a deluxe version of their self-titled 2013 album. In addition to the extra tracks, music lovers can find ear candy like live recordings, bonuses, and a demo—as well as a collab with The Civil Wars' resident badass Joy Williams, called "Hate to See Your Heart Break." The fact that Hayley and Joy (both NYLON faves) got together to record a song is magic in itself. As if anything could be better than that, yesterday, the band's label, Fueled by Ramen, released a video for the jam.

In case you missed it, now's your chance to see two of your favorite worlds colliding in a black and white studio setting, where beautiful melodic voices mix and mingle over a bittersweet dreamy pop track. There's even bonus footage of the two bands working together on the song.

Based on how many times we've watched this video so far, we're thinking it's safe to say this this is a Williams world—we all just live in it. Watch the video below and scoop up your own version of Paramore deluxe right here.