Watch The Teaser For HBO’s Highly Anticipated ‘Westworld’

is this HBO’s next major hit?

Since we now know that Game of Thrones will most likely last three more seasons, HBO is starting to look for its next tentpole hit to carry them through life post-Westeros. They're hoping that hit will be Westworld, the upcoming blockbuster series whose first trailer just made its way online.

Westworld, which is being described as a sci-fi western and is based on a 1973 Michael Chricton novel, is centered around an amusement park populated by androids whose role is to fulfill the desires of its visitors. HBO is describing the series as "a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin." The trailer is brief, but it does tease the show's epic scope and dreamlike feel, and gives us a glimpse at some of its impressive cast, including Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood, who appears to be playing an android named Dolores.

An official premiere date for Westworld has not been set, but it will premiere some time in 2016. We can wait—barely.