helios bars

Join in on the smart bike revolution…

by Christian Lavery

A new advancement within the world of bicycles, Helios is setting out to begin a smart bike revolution.

Crafting handlebars that are for more than just holding onto, the former Kickstarter campaign merges safety, security, and function into one comprehensive package with features to enhance your everyday riding experience.

Designed with a powerful headlight as well as rear LED lights, bikers will no longer have to strive to be seen, thanks to blinkers and a speedometer function. But hop off your bike and its qualities carry over to maintaining your bicycle's security. The bars feature Bluetooth connectivity and a GPS tracking system that allow for turn-by-turn navigation or for you to locate your ride at a moment's notice. Available in three different styles and four different colors, add a set of Helios Bars to your bike by purchasing them HERE.

Photos via: ridehelios.com