hell yeah! beanie & cat head socks

    Mark Capicotto and the Glamour Kills crew have got you covered...

    by · January 03, 2014

    hell yeah! beanie & cat head socks

    In 2005, fresh out of high school, Mark Capicotto set up shop and started a little company he called Glamour Kills. Eight years later, the brand is a virtual empire. The young enterprenuer literally started with five simple t-shirt designs and went from his parents basement to its own warehouse seemingly overnight. The interesting thing is that Capicotto runs his empire entirely organically, which means he designs every piece. Orders are hand-fulfilled and there’s no third party shipping and no middle man involved. The brand continues to operate in the same fashion (pun intended) as it has since its start: homegrown, with an ever expanding support group and fan base. With the current blizzard we’re fans of the Hell Yeah! beanie and Cat Head socks, both of which a bulky and warm. We were honestly surprised when these socks showed up because we expected them to be flimsy dress socks and they’re heavy duty crew style. Check out Glamour Kills new collection HERE and for updates follow on Twitter HERE. Oh yeah, if you wanna hit up young Mark Capicotta and congratulate him on getting out of his parents basement and having a runaway success-type brand, you can do it HERE...trust us, he’s a cool bro.
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