hello halo

bumble & bumble tackles the tricky world of shiny hair.

by faran krentcil

We often get comments about testing beauty products on the site - a big reason why we photograph ourselves in the latest lip gloss / nail polish / eyeliner.

Bumble & bumble must be getting lots of the same emails, because for their new Shine series, they've developed a series of short videos that show exactly how their products work.

Shine comes as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling spray, and can help with getting a more messy "wet" look, or with the shimmery barrel curls of a movie star on duty. And in case you're worried a shine balm will make your hair look oily than goddess-like, you can watch the video, check out before and after shots in the Bumble salon, and decide for yourself.

Bonus: You'll probably pick up a few styling tips from their salon experts along the way...

Bumble & bumble Shine Collection, $22 - $25

Click here for videos and photos