image via @johncabrera/twitter

your fav fictional band just got back together

get out your lighters, gilmore girls’ hep alien is back!

Ok, so maybe this bit of news is a little inside baseball for those of you who haven't seen Gilmore Girls. Then again, if you haven't seen Gilmore Girls, we really don't know what we can do for you.

Following news of a possible Gilmore Girls sequel series, the semi-fictional band from the show, Hep Alien, reunited for what looks like set in Austin. In town for the massive Gilmore Girls panel at the ATX Television Festival—one that features almost every cast member—band members Keiko Agena (Lane), Todd Lowe (Zack), and John Cabrera (Brian) offered up jangly covers of "Fell in Love With a Girl," "Single Ladies," and others. Amazing, we know.