this spray shampoo won’t leave you hanging.

by liza darwin

Dry shampoo might be the ultimate lazy girl's secret beauty weapon, but here's the problem: even after spritzing our hair with spray or dusting it with powder, sometimes it still doesn't feel quite clean.

Luckily, we've found a solution, courtesy of TIGI. The brand has just debuted a new "Transforming Dry Shampoo" as part of its Catwalk Session Series, which somehow manages to absorb oil, give subtle texture, and inject volume into limp second-day hair. We gave the lightweight spray a test-run this morning, and thanks to ingredients like rose and sandalwood, it instantly made our hair feel more awake and fresh (um, even if we didn't).

It goes on sheer and matte, so it won't give you a shiny, glossy finish like you can get straight out of the shower. But with the bedhead-chic trend hitting the runways at Proenza Schouler and Nina Ricci, we can't think of a better way to get the look- without actually just rolling out of bed.

About $16 on Amazon and in select salons.