will collagen hairspray give you a lift?

by liza darwin

Usually when people talk about collagen it means they're pushing anti-aging products. But good news: we've found a new protein-based beauty product that we can use right here, right now...not in a few decades.

Got2B's new Fat-Tastic spray is a lightweight spritz that aims to make hair look less limp by injecting it with a hefty dose of collagen. We tried it on our intern Andria, and were impressed how well the aerosol formula worked- it wasn't sticky, didn't crunch, and gave her normally thin hair an extra jolt of volume.

And even if you've got more hair than you can handle, we still think this lightweight hairspray has a place in your bathroom. It's a great secret weapon for nights out, sweaty dance parties, and pretty much anywhere where your hair might need a boost.

At just $6 a bottle, the saying "go big or go home" has never rung truer.

Buy it here.