Highs “Cannibal Coast”

sometimes you throw an internet dart…and hit a bullseye

by Josh Madden

When we went looking for a mental vacation around lunchtime today, somehow a sonic jackpot was hit without the aid of any sort of music service or PR e-mail (not that those are bad...) But no really, this was literally "a close your eyes and throw an mp3 dart at the internet" dartboard. What we somehow landed on was a bullseye of a band with a simple enough name: Highs.

The Toronto-based foursome was founded in late 2012, and their vibe is a mix of some of our favorites. Kinda like Vampire Weekend-meets-Passion Pit, with with the addiction of a female vocal--so maybe mix in some Best Coast in there--yeah, that's pretty on point. We happen to dig all these bands pretty heavy, so finding Highs is pretty radical. Plus the fact that you can download their debut-self-titled EP for a cool $5 is even more awesome!

We chose to introduce you to these guys with a super chill jam entitled "Cannibal Coast." It sort of has a Royal Caribbean Cruise feel, which is exactly what you need at lunchtime on a Tuesday. Actually let's face it, you need these tunes to make it through the first three months of the year...period. Check Highs out on Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE. After vibing to this song you'll want to download their EP HERE--trust us.