Hillary Clinton Hopes For A Christmas Miracle In New ‘SNL’ Skit

Can America make Hillary’s wish come true after all?

by Eric Shorey

Between news of Russian hacks, Donald Trump's endless Twitter pronouncements, and Obama's final (but weirdly anti-climactic?) press conference, it's hard to feel hopeful for the future of our country. But a skit from yesterday's episode of Saturday Night Live sheds light on America's last chance at righting a terrible wrong. Featuring Kate McKinnon reprising her role as Hillary Clinton, we're also hoping for a Christmas miracle when it comes to the electorate vote next week.

McKinnon remains spot-on in her hilarious depiction of the former First Lady and defeated presidential hopeful. Secretly approaching an Electoral College representative's house disguised as a holiday caroler (a la Love Actually), she faithfully begs for some... faithless electors. “But bish,” one card reads while McKinnon gives a knowing nod, “...he cray.”

It's played off as a joke, but the Electoral College meeting on Monday is serious business. Despite widespread disapproval of Donald Trump and his staggering popular vote loss, only one Republican elector has vowed to vote against his party's wishes. Mounting discontent from the left is putting pressure on the GOP to denounce The Donald, but a surprise upset seems further and further out of reach with every day.

"He will kill us all," reminds Kate McKinnon at the end of the skit. That's a pretty dark holiday joke right there.