Hillary Clinton On ‘Between Two Ferns’ Is The Highlight Of Her Campaign

Zach Galifianakis is with her

by daniel barna

If the U.S. presidential election boils down to a popularity contest, Hillary Clinton just took a major leap forward. After both she and Donald Trump made milquetoast appearances on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, Clinton upped the ante with a hilarious turn on Zach Galifiankis' cult talk show spoof Between Two Ferns. Taking a page from Barack Obama—whose 2014 appearance on Ferns is already the stuff of legend—Clinton was totally game as she withstood Galifianakis' intentionally awkward and antagonistic line of questioning.

"Are you excited to be the first girl president?” he asked. "What happens if you become pregnant? Are we going to be stuck with Tim Kaine for nine months?” Perhaps used to being on the receiving end of misogyny-tinged insults, both real and imagined, Clinton gamely shot back with an arsenal of weapons that included devastating side-eye, a chilling deadpan glare, and even a few insults of her own. “I could send you some pamphlets that might help you understand,” she fired back.

Unlike Obama, who found out about the show from his daughter Malia, director Scott Aukerman told Vulture that it was Hillary's idea from the very beginning. "We heard that there was interest from Hillary Clinton, but we started taking it seriously when we heard, 'Oh no, it's her idea and if you say, 'yes,' it'll actually happen." According to Aukerman, 90 percent of what we see was improvised, not including the joke that has everyone talking. When asked what Donald Trump might wear to the debate, Hillary responds by saying his "red power tie," to which Zach says, maybe he'll wear "his white power tie."

They probably should've saved that one for the actual debate. Watch Hillary Clinton and Zach Galifianakis go at it on Between Two Ferns below.